Our Destinations

The Baltic Sea Region is rich and diverse in both culture and nature giving excellent opportunities for specialist travel and theme tours. Based on our experience and previous references we have developed a range of tailored tours featuring original activities and discoveries. Our best-sellers include cultural heritage, gastronomy, architecture, art&music and pilgrimage tours along with quirkier options such as beekeeping, yoga and mushroom picking. All of our theme tours can be combined with regular sightseeing.

Some of our key destinations are showcased in the left column of this page.



Sleepy and charming small towns are spread across the Baltics. Surrounded by national parks, rivers and lakes they offer idyllic holidays without crowds. We offer sightseeing tours, activities and lovely B&B stays in Haapsalu, Viljandi, Cesis, Kuldiga & Kedainiai


During the last decade Baltic States have heavily invested into SPA & Wellness infrastructure and now offer state-of-the-art facilities both in cities and countryside. Stress-free cities and intact nature create a very zen atmosphere. Luxury, medical and budget options are available.


Exciting and delicious tastings can be arranged in Estonia (rye bread, berry wine, medieval food), Latvia (hemp butter, cottage cheese, sprats) and Lithuania (smoked meat, smoked fish, beer). Choose between a great variety of tasting locations, including the stalls of Riga Central Market or a boat cruising the Lake District.


Along with land arrangements we offer short cruises on Viking Line’s legacy ships. Comfortable overnight cruising with excellent Nordic dining, entertainment and shopping is available between Stockholm and Helsinki with connections to Turku and Tallinn. These tours can be combined with land extensions in Sweden, Finland and Baltic States.


All three Baltic nations are very keen on Nordic Walking, considered a very pleasant physical activity with little effort. Together with local associations we offer walks in cities, nearby parks and distant countryside. Nordic Walking can be combined with sightseeing.


The relatively flat Baltic landscape with scenic nature is perfect for hiking. Ranging from an hour’s walk to a multi-day hiking challenge, we offer complete itineraries in cities, nature reserves, national parks and bogs. All our walks are guided and come with additional services such as transportation, meals and accommodation.


In cooperation with Baltic Bike Travel we offer a great range of escorted and self-driven cycling tours around the Baltics complete with bike rental, maps and continuous assistance. Tour descriptions are available on request.


Baltic States is undoubtedly a new destination for golf players who love playing golf abroad. Beautiful landscapes and a rather long season lasting from April to November among other perks such as absence of crowds and great value for money.


Streams of Gauja, Amata, Abava, Zeimena and Merkys are excellent for kayaking, canoeing or rafting. Choose between a one-day adventure out of of town and a week-long expedition discovering pristine nature with primeval forests, rock exposures and amazing wildlife.


In cooperation with local orienteering and geocaching associations we offers assistance in building a great activity including the programme, transportation, accommodation and meals. Meetings with local enthusiasts can be arranged.


With over 350 species of birds migrating over the Baltics, the region offers broad possibilities of bird watching. We arrange weekend or week-long tours in Baltic Sea Region countries to spot grouse, storks, herons, ospreys, owls, woodpeckers, eagles, geese, plovers and many more.