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Finland is a land of interesting contrasts, such as the four seasons, the Midnight Sun and the winter darkness, urban and rural, East and West.

As you look out from the plane, the first impression you may have is that there are a lot of trees… an endless carpet of forest, with many lakes and small towns in between. It’s kind of a surprise when you land in Helsinki to find that the airport is so modern and efficient. Not a polar bear in sight.

It’s truly amazing how uniquely exotic each season can be. Four times a year, nature changes its uniform completely – colour, light, temperature, sounds and smells. Everything changes in a way that happens nowhere else.

The Finns are also considered to be cool – a bit quiet and reserved. However, they are actually warm, friendly, hospitable and especially honest people once you get to know them and we encourage you to do just that.


The capital of Finland is a compact city easily explored on foot. Design, architecture, culture and shopping are all great exploration angles and large park areas, forests, lakes, and the coastline with numerous islands sprinkled off it make certain there’s no shortage of natural presence. Needless to say, there’s something going on in Helsinki every day of the year.

Turku and the Archipelago

The oldest city in Finland, Turku is a fascinating mixture of a medieval town and a vibrant modern city. The Turku archipelago is among the world’s largest and you can enjoy it by foot, car, bike or various cruises.


Finland’s second oldest town, full of history and famous for its lovely restaurants and cafes.

The Old Town of Porvoo is unique. The mosaic-like town plan with its maze of streets and irregulary shaped plots dates back to the Middle Ages. Since then the town suffered many fires, but always the stubborn citizens rebuilt their houses on the same foundations.

Porvoo is a must for every home decorator, thanks to its countless interior design stores that are famous across the country.


Taking a trip to Lakeland is like taking a trip into the heart of Finnish identity. One of the most important birthplaces of the Finnish identity are the deep green forests, the rolling hills and the glittering lakes that cover most of central Finland.


Finnish Lapland is immense – as the fells begin to rise around you in every direction, you will find serenity unlike anywhere else on earth.

The summer in Lapland is short but the summer days are long – in the northernmost part the Midnight Sun stays up for more than 70 consecutive days.

Text courtesy of Visit Finland