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Poland is one of the larger European countries, conveniently situated in the middle of the continent and at the crossroads of important transit routes; it has a good access to the Baltic Sea. These conditions enhance the development of Poland’s economy, trade and all sorts of international relations.

Poland is a country of mixed cultures and numerous attractions. One can find everything here: alpine style landscape, wide beaches, clean lakes, deep forests and world-class historic monuments. Everything is here to meet expectations of the most demanding guest: interesting museums, modern art galleries and concert halls, swimming pools, equestrian clubs, discos and night clubs. Poland’s natural environment makes sport activities available thorough the  whole year. In many regions of Poland there are natural sites preserved in their primeval state rarely encountered in other parts of Europe. The numerous activities as well as the unique facilities definitely make Poland a country worth considering for your visit.


Welcome to Warsaw, the capital of Poland, a city worth seeing, which will captivate you with its own, distinctive atmosphere. It is worth staying there for a few days.

Warsaw is a unique city, located in the center of Europe, at the junction of the trade roads from the West to the East and from the North to the South of the continent. You will be truly fascinated by the history and atmosphere of this magnificent city, which combines the influences of Western and Eastern Europe, and where tradition meets modernity. Warsaw will surely enchant you.


Gdansk – the capital of amber – the Baltic’s gold, has always been the trading city also due to its port function. And the best example of old style trading with modern goods and souvenirs can be experienced during St. Dominic’s Fair. The tradition of St. Dominic’s Fair reaches back to the 13th century. On the last Saturday of July, Gdańsk attracted German, French, English and even Spanish and Portuguese merchants. 400 ships with French and Spanish wine, silk, preserves, Portuguese spices, tin and cloth called at the port. Circus performers, acrobats, jugglers and troupes of actors arrived from far and near. Today the fair continues to attract tourists and residents, combining a trade fair and a rich agenda of cultural and sports events.


Situated in southern Poland, Krakow is one of the country’s most ancient cities and its former capital and a real pearl in its crown. The city lies on the banks of the Vistula River which is called the Queen of Polish Rivers. Krakow receives visitors from the whole world.

The town is filled with monuments and is impossible to visit in just one day which is not really enough to experience the emotions this city can evoke. Its unique atmosphere has inspired artists and writers. Visitors fall in love with Krakow and if they leave, then it is only to return another day. The city’s rich cultural and artistic life contributes to this fascination as much as the genuine character of its streets and little squares lined with restaurants serving local delicacies.